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The 2nd edition of the Gravel Fever Grand Châtellerault (hereinafter the Event) is organized on September 13, 14 and 15, 2024 by France Vélo Événements SAS.

This document defines :
(i) the sporting regulations for the Event (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations),
(ii) the general terms and conditions of sale applicable to any order of products or services relating to the Event placed with the Organizer via the Njuko registration platform (its website, mobile site or application) (hereinafter the Organizer's General Terms and Conditions of Sale).

The terms "you", "your" and "yours" refer to you, as the participant or consumer, or as the parent or legal guardian (over 18 years of age) if the participant or consumer is a minor in his/her country of residence.
Your registration for the Event implies your expressed and unreserved acceptance of the present Rules and of the organizer's General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

This document supplements the Terms of Use of the online registration platform known as Njuko (hereinafter referred to as Njuko), which can be accessed at Njuko.
In the event of any contradiction between the terms of the Njuko Terms of Use, the organizer's present General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Regulations, the terms of the Regulations shall prevail over the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which shall themselves prevail over the Njuko Terms of Use.

The Organizer may revise and update the Terms and Conditions and the Regulations at any time; please consult them regularly. Any changes made shall apply immediately upon notification, by any means, including publication of a revised version hereof on the Event website
In the event of any significant modification to the Terms and Conditions and/or the Regulations, the Organizer will endeavor to notify you by e-mail to the e-mail address provided on Njuko.

Important! Role of Njuko:
The Njuko site through which you placed your order enables professional sellers and organizers to list and sell their products and services. Although the Njuko platform facilitates the transactions carried out on it, Njuko is not the seller or organizer of the products and services relating to the Event.
Consequently, the sale of products or services relating to the Event forms a sales contract solely between you and the Organizer. The Organizer is responsible for the sale of products or services relating to the Event and for any claims or other problems arising out of or in connection with the sales contract between you and the Organizer.



The present sporting regulations (hereinafter the Regulations) apply to all participants in the Event. They form an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale referred to above and comply with the regulations of the French Cycling Federation (Fédération Française de Cyclisme) specific to Ultra Distance cycling, as well as with the regulations for Randosportives and randonnées events.
In the event of any conflict with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the provisions of the Regulations shall prevail.


GRAVEL FEVER Grand Châtellerault offers various Gravel courses open exclusively to Gravel and Cyclo-cross (CX) bikes. For Gravel ADVENTURE, mountain bikes are tolerated.
For the GRAVEL FEVER FREE, DECOUVERTE and DUO events, mountain bikes and VAEs are accepted.
GRAVEL FEVER Grand Châtellerault is a series of rides, not timed in their entirety, except for two events, namely Gravel Fever Ultra* (Ultra distance regulations) and Gravel Fever RACE* (randosportives regulations with timed sectors). All other Gravel Fever events are randonnees.

The distances are as follows:

- Gravel Fever Ultra, linking the Terrasses de l'Observatoire de Meudon / Châtellerault over some 500km and 3400 D+.

- Gravel Fever Adventure, Châtellerault / Châtellerault over approx. 100 km and 1000 D+.
- Gravel Fever Race, Châtellerault / Châtellerault over approx. 140 km and 1200 D+.
- Gravel Fever Duo, Châtellerault / Châtellerault approx. 80 km and 500 D+.
- Gravel Fever Découverte, Châtellerault / Châtellerault approx. 50 km and 300 D+.
- Gravel Fever Free, Châtellerault / Châtellerault approx. 25 km and 100 D+.

Only portions of the Gravel Fever Race will be timed.
Times will be communicated to participants, with rankings for the following categories: scratch, men and women, best climber men, best climber women.

These events will take place on roads open to traffic.
Details of the routes will be communicated to each participant at least one week before the start, as well as on the website, social networks and when race numbers are handed out.
*see chapter on Timing and special features



Gravel Fever Race
The Gravel Fever Race is a semi-autonomous 140-km randosportive Gravel cycling event that includes timed sections with rankings, linked by non-timed sections for gravel and cyclo-cross bikes only.

The times will be communicated to the participants with a ranking for the following categories: scratch, men and women and best climber men and women.

The Gravel Fever Race takes place on public roads and paths open to traffic, in strict compliance with the Highway Code, the present regulations specifying all the safety directives of France Vélo Évènements, the organizer, and the regulations issued by the competent prefectural authorities.
There is no right of way or flagmen on non-timed sections.
Only the timed sections will be supervised and given priority.

Gravel Fever Race is open to all male and female cyclists over 18 years of age. The event consists of completing a 140 km (approx.) route in a maximum of 11 hours, and completing the timed sections. The itinerary is tracked using a GPX trace, which includes the timed sections and the entire route. It will be sent by e-mail no later than one week before the event. It is also available on the race number site.
In addition to GPX indications, timed sections will be marked out on the course.

The Gravel Fever Race starts at 7:00 am on Sunday, September 15, 2024 in Châtellerault.



1.1 Registration exclusively on the Internet via and secure payment by credit card for all distances.
Registration will be considered complete and will therefore be validated as soon as it includes the following information for each participant.
Each entry entitles the holder to a handlebar number plate. No transfer of numbers is permitted for any reason whatsoever. All event registrations are personal, firm and final, and will not be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever, unless specifically stipulated in the regulations. France Vélo Événements encourages all participants to take out cancellation insurance via the Njuko platform at the time of registration. Any person assigning his or her number without the third party's file being validated in Njuko will be held responsible in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the third party during the event. The Organizer declines all responsibility in the event of such an accident.

1.2 Age
To take part in the various Gravel Fever Race events, you must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event at the latest.

1.3 Physical fitness
We remind you that checks will be carried out during the event to ensure that it runs smoothly, particularly with regard to age and medical certification.

By participating in the event, you are taking part in one of the sporting events organized or approved by a sports federation. Consequently, your participation is subject to the compulsory presentation of :
a French Cycling Federation license valid on the date of the event, bearing proof of the issue of a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to competitive cycling.
Copy of one of the following federal cycling or sports licenses 202-2024 (including a medical certificate stating the absence of contraindication to competitive cycling):
Licence FFC - Fédération Française de Cyclisme (Competition, Access, Mass event)
Licence F.F.TRI (Fédération Française de Triathlon)
Or - Medical certificate of no contraindication to competitive cycling, less than one year old on the day of the event, for non-licensed cyclists (FFC, FF TRI) and for all licensees of other cycling and sports federations (notably FFCT, FFvélo but also FFC-Pass Loisir licenses).

ATTENTION Participants living abroad:
You are required to provide a medical certificate bearing the Obligatory Mention of Absence of Contraindication to the practice of cycling in competition dating from less than one year on the day of the event, even if you hold a license issued by the federation of your country of residence.
This certificate must be dated less than one year before the date of the event, signed and authenticated by the doctor, whether or not the latter is established on French territory.
French territory.
If the doctor is not based in France, the medical certificate must be written in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese.
Registration for the event implies each participant's expressed and unreserved acceptance of the present regulations.


Bib numbers and/or handlebar numbers can be collected on presentation of the following documents:

- Your invitation, available for download from your Njuko account and/or sent by e-mail prior to the Event,
- Your identity card
- Your license or medical certificate meeting the above conditions (par 2.3).
Numbers can only be collected in the dedicated area of the Event Village, set up in each of the start towns.
Bib number collection times are as follows:
Gravel Fever Race Friday September 13 from 4pm to 7pm and Saturday September 14 from 7am to 7pm at the Start Village at La Manu, All. du Jardin du Directeur, 86100 Châtellerault.

All handlebar number assignments are firm and final.
No handlebar numbers will be sent by post.
The handlebar number plate is required for access to the start area and the living quarters, and must be fully legible during the event, even in bad weather.


Registration for the Event is made exclusively on Njuko (whether via the Njuko website, its mobile site or its application).
Anyone wishing to take part in the Event must first register as a Njuko member. To this end, the participant must complete a Njuko registration form and unconditionally accept Njuko's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
The participant agrees to provide only truthful information regarding his/her identity.


For safety reasons, the Organizer reserves the right to limit the number of entries available.
Early Bird rates are valid until July 31, 2024 for all paying events.

Event prices for the Gravel Fever Race are as follows:
Early Bird bib €79
Full price bib 89 €.

The price of race numbers is expressed in euros, inclusive of all taxes, at the rate in force on the day of your registration.

All event registrations are personal, firm and final, and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever, unless specifically stipulated in the Regulations.

No transfer of race numbers is permitted for any reason whatsoever.

Any person transferring their race number to a third party will be held responsible in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the third party during the race.

The organization declines all responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation.


For participants who so wish, "cancellation" insurance is offered at the time of registration for the Event on Njuko, the policy for which can be consulted on Njuko. This option must be taken out before the order is validated. This option allows you, under certain conditions established by the insurer chosen by the Organizer, to be reimbursed for all or part of the price of your race number only, to the exclusion of any other product or service ordered.


It is imperative that all participants take the necessary measures to ensure their own safety and that of other competitors.

This includes complying with the Highway Code, wearing an approved helmet and being in good physical and psychological condition to take part in the event.
Participants must also ensure that their equipment is in good condition.


When a participant is in difficulty or seriously injured, it is important that he or she seek help from the emergency services.

It is the responsibility of each participant to come to the aid of anyone in danger and to contact emergency services.
Here are the emergency numbers to call in case of need:
- Ambulance: 15
- Police rescue: 17
- Fire department: 18
- General emergency number: 112

It's important to bear in mind that a variety of unforeseen environmental and event-related circumstances may result in longer-than-expected rescue times. In such situations, your safety will depend on what you've packed in your bag and on whether you've complied with the mandatory equipment.

All regulators and members of the organization are empowered to take the following measures:
- Exclude from the event any competitor deemed unable to continue.
- Evacuate any runners they deem to be in danger by any means necessary.
- Refer participants to the most appropriate medical facility. It should be noted that a runner calling on a doctor or first-aider automatically submits to their authority and agrees to accept their decisions.

A participant who wilfully strays from the course is no longer under the responsibility of the organization.

During the event, the only way for participants to communicate with the organization is to call the Security HQ number, which must be communicated in advance.


Mechanical assistance is only permitted in the feed zones. Participants may not receive mechanical assistance outside these zones.


Refreshment stations will be available in dedicated areas. Participants must plan their refuelling accordingly and be self-sufficient between these points. You will be informed of the zones in question when you receive your GPX track. One week before Gravel Fever at the latest.


Each participant is responsible for their own bike and equipment. They must ensure that their bike is in good working order and that they have all the necessary equipment for the race, including repair and first-aid tools.

To ensure the safety and smooth running of the Gravel Fever Race, the following equipment is mandatory.

9.1 Compulsory equipment

  • CE-approved helmet.
  • GPS meter or phone with downloaded route.
  • Repair kits.
  • Multi-tools.
  • Chain drift
  • Cell phone with Security PC number registered, charged and switched on.

9.2 Recommended equipment (not mandatory)


  • Paracetamol.


  • Bike chain lubricant

Suitable clothing :

  • Survival blanket, cap, gloves, windproof jacket.

Miscellaneous :

  • ID, credit card.


In the event of withdrawal from the "Gravel Fever Race", unless due to injury, accident or medical immobilization, the participant must follow the following instructions:

    1. Notification of withdrawal: The participant must contact Race HQ by telephone (number provided when number is issued) and notify them of his or her withdrawal.
    2. Personal responsibility: If a participant withdraws from the event, he/she is personally responsible for finding his/her own way home, to his/her own vehicle or to any other destination of his/her choice. By accepting the rules, the participant releases the organizer from all responsibility and from any assistance relating to his/her evacuation or repatriation. It is strongly recommended that each participant anticipates a possible withdrawal by taking the necessary steps to organize his or her own repatriation.


Participants who fail to comply with these rules may be disqualified at the discretion of the organizers.



12.1 Cancellation by decision of the organization :

  • Full refund excluding administration and insurance costs.

12.2 Cancellation beyond the organization's control or force majeure* :

  • No refunds.

*Cases of force majeure include: bad weather, security reasons, prefectoral bans, or any other unforeseeable event beyond the organizer's control.

12.3 Cancellation conditions for the participant :

  • Cancellation insurance offered upon registration. Refunds only possible for participants who have taken out this insurance.


Road safety is the responsibility of the Préfecture de Police. A medical service will be present at each event. They may decide to withdraw a participant from the race for medical reasons. Under no circumstances will the Organizer be held liable for any participant who is unable to finish the event as a result of a decision to withdraw from the race taken by these general services.


Participants must comply with the safety instructions given by the Organizer's staff throughout the course.
Safety measures for the event will end at the finish line.
The proposed routes will be mainly on paths, tracks, trails, greenways, cycle paths, but also on roads open to traffic. For everyone's safety, it is essential that all participants RESPECT THE CODE OF THE ROAD throughout the course (one-way streets, stop signs, priorities, traffic lights, etc.). It's important to be vigilant and to respect these rules if you are to live together in these public spaces under optimum conditions.
On the course, it is essential to follow the instructions given by the organization's staff and the forces of law and order, in addition to the provisions of the Highway Code.


When registering, participants are asked to respect the following commitments:
- Respect the Highway Code in all circumstances.
- Demonstrate civility towards all third parties (other participants, motorists, pedestrians, public transport users, public service agents, etc.).
- Ensure ecologically responsible waste management (food packaging, inner tubes, etc.).
- Respect the environment by avoiding any action that may cause damage.

The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from the Event participants who do not respect this charter.


Each participant must be in possession of personal accident or civil liability insurance, either through a license issued by a sports federation, or privately.
Each participant undertakes to do so by signing the registration form, and acknowledges having read the offer made by the organizer on the registration form.
The organizer cannot be held responsible for any breach of this undertaking, and consequently for any incident or loss suffered by the participant before, during or after the event.
In the same context, the individual responsibility of all collaborators, assistants and members of the organization team cannot be engaged before, during or after the event.


Participants will be given an emergency number, to be used only in the event of an accident or when a participant requires medical assistance, or to report an abandonment.


If circumstances require, the Organizer reserves the right to modify at any time the route, the position of refreshment stands and checkpoints, to postpone the date and/or times of the Event, to stop the race in progress, to cancel it or to set up a fallback route.


The organizer reserves the exclusive right to photograph all registered participants for the duration of the event.
Unless expressly requested by the competitor, the organization reserves the right to use any photographs taken during the event for promotional purposes.


In accordance with current legislation, participants have the right to access, rectify or object to any computerized personal data concerning them. This data may be used, transferred, rented or exchanged, in particular for commercial information operations, results and the press.